Everybody and Their Brother


Loved this book! (5 stars) "I wanted a good read traveling back home on the Amtrak from San Diego to Santa Barbara, California today, and could not put this book down until I finished it! Best book I have read in so long! I was laughing out loud and yes, crying, too, on the train, as I read.  (People must have thought I was crazy.) I could picture each character so well. It's one of those books you say, "It would make such a great movie!" --SuzanneM

Wonderful book, you will laugh and cry and love... (5 stars) "Wonderful book, you will laugh and cry and love all of the characters in this book. It is very well written and gives valuable insight into the life of a person with autism and their loved ones. It also illustrates how it really does take a village to raise a family. It is an easy book to read, and after the first chapter you will not want to put it down." --jwl-ajh

Awesome Read (5 stars) "Wonderful book. The author's character development is excellent. You are not only engaged but feel the emotions of each. A must read. Clearly motivated out of love and passion." --Dan Williams

Great Read (5 stars) "Loved this book. I didn't have to wait three chapters to get into the book, she captures you right away. The story moves along quickly. You really know the characters. Every family has one. I know I will read more from her!" -- Judy A. Brekhus

Loved it. (5 stars) "Loved it. Karla Clark never disappoints."  --Cynthia Borcherts

Good book! (5 stars) "I enjoyed this book very much. It started off a little slow but once I got a couple of chapters in I was sold!"  --Debi Jacob

Loved it! (5 stars) "Loved the tenderness, thoughtfulness and humor. It was engaging and well written. Great character development with a heartwarming finish. Highly recommended." --Mary Cox

A delight (5 stars) "Enjoyed this character's story in all her ups and downs surrounded by her beloved family, and the up close look at real like autism." --Kimberly Brancatelli

Loved it (5 stars) "I just could not put the book down. It made me laugh, cry, and happy too. I cannot wait to read your next book. Thank you Miss Karla."  --Tina P.

Pure enjoyment! (5 stars) "Such a neat story that was also very educational and inspiring. Hoping for a part 2 soon! Made me giggle and cry. Proud of my friend!" --Kendra Mackey

Great book (5 stars) "Great book. With warmth and humor it shows how one family lives with adult autism Insightful and well-written." --Julie H.

A great family drama with humor (5 stars) "I will be transparent and admit I bought the book as a nicety as the author is a work friend, and I wanted to be supportive. I knew fairly quickly into the first chapter that this would not be a mercy purchase. I like fiction that is not too heavy. Emily Giffen, Sophie Kinsella, Liane Moriarty among other authors. One of my favorite all time books is Pat Conroy's Beach Music: I loved the camaraderie of the brothers, their humor with each other and a great family story. This book feels a bit like that one. I LOVED the humor in this book. I LOVED the Dearborne family. Whether or not you know someone with autism, this book is a really good read, but especially poignant if you do... I was in tears at the end which surprised me. I kind of miss this family already. I think I need a sequel. Get on that Karla!"  --Jan D.

Five Stars! (5 stars) "Enjoyed the real life situations and complex family relationships." --Jenifer

Karla is a master of her craft, wordsmithing her way... (5 stars) "Karla is a master of her craft, wordsmithing her way into your heart with her unique characters touching the issue of a family dealing with autism." --Amazon Customer

Five Stars (5 stars) "Wonderful characters. Loved it." -- Amazon Customer

LOVE (5 stars) "Karla weaves the best stories. What I love most about her books is the characters. I fall in love with each one. Great read and definitely her best book yet!!!"  --JJK

Great heartfelt family novel (5 stars) "Great read with heartfelt & well-developed characters. I felt I could be right at home in the Dearborne kitchen and could see myself being a friendly neighbor. I loved the local Chicago references and often times found myself wondering how many instances were taken right from the author's life." --J. Regington

Heartwarming and hilarious! (5 stars) "This beautiful novel follows the quirky, funny but always loving Dearborne family. The author has created charming an witty characters who make you laugh and appreciate the imperfections in your own family!" --Amazon Customer

love... (5 stars) " loved it!!!!!"--xxxxmb

I liked the book overall (3 stars) "I liked the book overall. I felt it started out stronger than it finished as she tried to tie everything together."              --Rosebud


5 ratings / 1 review...4.8 out of 5 stars

"This is the second book of Karla Clark's that I read and I'm convinced that her writing style is what draws me to her...along with the story lines that follow life within family and the great conversations and humor that flow so well. I will soon pick up a third Karla Clark novel "Annie's Heaven" to keep this great feeling of reading a book that makes you smile for a little longer." --Wendy Chatsey Swanson

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"Wonderfully written. I read five chapters in one sitting! Could not put it down. Great way to educate about autism." --Arles Hendershott Love

"I just finished this beautiful novel written about a loving family created by an amazing writer with a truly inspiring heart and soul! Congratulations Karla on being an inspiration in so many ways! Ugh, now I have to get back to work!" AND LATER... "A beautiful author on a mission to raise awareness with her incredible son and inspiration--they are both amazing people!!"  -- Jodie Heitmann

"Karla! I just finished it! I didn't want it to end. I loved every word. Every word! You are an amazing writer and storyteller. You brought love and respect and understanding to autism. Just beautiful!" AND LATER... "Your book was amazing and I am rereading BETWEEN COURSES right now! You are mightily talented, my friend!" --Vicki Foti

"Karla: lovvvvved it! Could. Not. Put. It. Down. Thanks for another great read! I'll keep keep writing!"       --Rosie Sheridan

"I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that I really enjoyed your book EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. A good friend, Lucia Hauge, gave me a signed copy for Mother's Day. It's a beautiful and heartwarming story! I want to read your other books now! Keep doing what you love, it shows in your writing!" --Laurie Nelson

"Super book club choice! You write with humor and heart, Karla. Love the book!" --Carol Cratty

"Congrats! So happy for the recognition you are getting. The fact that the book is reaching people all over the world is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to read it, and thank you for dropping it off! My best! AND LATER...Karla, thank you so much for the book.! Congrats on such a huge accomplishment! Still not sure how you manage a full time job, a family, and also your own pursuits. I suspect you don't sleep! I'm visiting my daughter in Copenhagen next week and plan to read your book on the plane." --Allison Alexander

"Dear Karla. what an accomplished woman you are! We are proud to have people like you in our life! Keep up the creativeness! Can't wait to read your book!!" --Anne Bernsten

"Karla--so many big thank yous for your kindness... Such a generous soul you are. We are all enjoying the gift card--so enjoyed your event...loved working with you!" --Louise Poska

"I love watching the reactions and positive reviews of your latest literary "gem," so well deserved! Many thanks, much respect."  --Jane Proudfoot

"Dearest cousin Karla, I want to let you know how proud I am of your latest accomplishment! You really amaze me!! Your photo announcement and book party were very classy. Your photo is beautiful. You look so much like Grandma Manarchy with the absolutely beautiful features and wonderful cheekbones. Wow! The photo really captured the raw Karla Jean! I love it! Thinking of you today. I hope you are doing the Happy Dance!" --Diane Hunter

"Dear Karla. Big congrats on another book!! I don't even have to know what it's about. I already know I want to read it. Next time I'm in town I hope you'll sign a copy for me. Your talent continues to amaze me! I hope your signing party is a big success. I love it when good things happen to good people--YOU! I'm so proud of you! I hope our paths cross soon (ish)! --Martha Merizon

"Congratulations! Happy for you and wish you success with EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. Thanks for letting me be part of your writing process and your book's transformation from manuscript to publication." --Carol Davies

"Dear Karla, Thank you so much for inviting us to your Book Release Party! It means so much for you to think of us. I so wish we could be there to help you celebrate with everyone. I am so very proud of you! We will be sure to pick up a copy of your new book. I miss you and love you dearly! --Laura Lee Spicklemeir

"Dearest Karla! Congratulations! I am so very proud of you and so honored that I was one of your first readers. I loved it. I am so sad to miss your premier as Henry and I are headed to Australia. We will be cheering you from down under. I hope your party is magical." --Nancy Kaney

"Karla, I would be delighted to attend your book release party if I was going to be in town, but unfortunately, we are out of state. Have a wonderful evening and best wishes!  --Paul Columbi

"Karla, I understand that you have published a NEW BOOK! I'm so happy for you!! I enjoyed the one with some of your family members and neighbors set right here in Rockford! KUDOS! --Joan Brown

"Karla, I just finished EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER and I am just so darn proud of you and LOVED it sooooooooooo much! I can't wait for it to be made into a movie. You are so talented and I enjoyed every page!   --Gwen Lashock

"This note is long overdue, but I wanted to tell you congratulations on your new book. I also saw the local news clip with you and Jon! Sure hope we can all get together soon!" --Christy Foss

"Hey Kar, I just wanted to let you know that I read your book for the second time and just got done blubbering like a little baby. God, that book is absolutely fantastic. It is so beautiful it is also so sweet. And it just pulled every heart-string in my hard little heart. You're wonderful; you're talented. The book is fantastic and the opening line that you quoted from Clara Ortega... we do stand outside of time. We do hold our secrets and family treasures...Oh my God, I'm going to cry! I love you. Thanks for such a beautiful book!"  --Frank Manarchy III

"Karla, thank you so much for the books--I can't wait to read it! Take good care and squeeze the boys for me!"   --Dana Frentz

"Karla, I finished your book over the weekend! What a fantastic story. It was so weird to think, I know the person who wrote this! It was funny, while I was reading it, your voice was May's voice. I heard you throughout the entire book. Anyway, I appreciated the perspectives surrounding autism. I learned a lot. And, the ending was a bit of a surprise for me...thought she would end up with ________! Karla, just amazing that you did this! Congratulations on a job well done!  --Holly Walsh

"Hi Karla. I had lunch with a dear elderly friend yesterday. When I asked her what she enjoys doing most she said reading and then told me about the WONDERFUL book she just read--your latest! She raved about it so much and told me she hopes to meet you someday! You have a huge fan in this lovely, intelligent, compassionate woman. She said, "Wait! You KNOW Karla Clark?" Yep. My brush with greatness!" --Marcia Stalter

"Hi Karla! Loved, loved, loved EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER!! Such a delightful book, congrats!!! I'm wondering, can I get ANNIE'S HEAVEN quickly? I've tried a few sources and no luck on short notice. We leave on vacation Tuesday and I would love to have it to read! --Margaret Pirages

"My retired teachers book club in Rockford, Illinois, enjoyed this book. It was fun to read a local author's book.   --Pam Herrmann

"I have an almost 16-year-old non-verbal autistic grandson. I've got to read this." --Laurie Lemons

"How refreshing to see someone doing well representing our hometown." --Sharon David Harradine

"Wonderful newspaper article! Thanks Laurie for putting it on Facebook. I remember Jonathan as a student at Spectrum. Karla is a fabulous mom and author." --Susan Linquist

"Hurray for sharing your incredible art that reflects and embodies your beautiful spirit!! are amazing! Love you.    --MaryBeth M.

"Congratulations to my Illinois friend for yet another kudos on her latest book. Yes, she does a wonderful job capturing life for a family, with an autistic loved one, but I think anyone would enjoy this very funny and tender read. Way to go, Karla J. Clark! You are sharing insight and love! --Kelly Prindle

"Karla--I read your book until midnight and woke up to it at 5:30 a.m. for two days! Now I just started the first page again. Love how you thread in Joe and his brothers' mischief when they were young! Loved learning about living with an autistic brother through your Jon. Keep writing. Loved every page!"  --Marilyn Parlapiano

"I am so happy and proud of my friend Karla J. Clark on the success of her newest book! It would be a great Christmas gift and blessing" --Lana Ewing

"Just finished EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER written by my old friend Karla J. Clark from Rockford, Illinois. I LOVED it Karla. I can hear your voice...I'm going to hand it off to my sister Patricia! --Audrey Klinger-Hess

"Thoroughly enjoyed this book!" --Melissa Mehall Teske

"I enjoyed this book very much! A heartwarming story!" --Laurie Nelson

"Congrats Karla! Loved this book!" --Judy Prisby

"I really enjoy your books, Karla. Please keep writing them!" --Judi Salbaugh

"I'm so proud of my sister Karla and thrilled that her book is getting national exposure! They both deserve it!"  --Linda Cleary

"An amazing book and amazing subject. Very cool!" --Vicki Foti

"Dear Karla...Myra gave us the gift of your new book. I've read it and very much enjoyed it. You have a great gift--keep writing. Uncle John doesn't read much anymore...however, I've shared some of the story with hiunm, We are orth so proud of you. Good mother!!! You do so much for so many!"  --Brenda Parlapiano

"I just finished reading EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER and thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were well-written and the relationships were real. I worked with John Sentovich at NIU. He gave this book to my boss and she loaned it to me to read. Where can I find your other two novels mentioned on the back cover?" --Cheryl Henert

"Great spot. Austin's interview showcased the loving relationship you and Jonny share. I encourage everyone to read Karla's latest novel--EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER." --Carol Davies

"Great piece. Loved the book!" --Pam Slattery

"Just got your book yesterday. Needed a great book to enjoy over the holiday!" AND LATER..."I read it in two days

"Linda, your sister is an awesome mom as well as a good author." --Mary Louise Gaziano

"Good morning Karla! You don't know me but I am friends with Lucia Hauge. She gifted me with your most recent book for Mother's Day. Quite honestly, I don't read much but I knew coming from her it had to be good! I read EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER and liked it so much I went to the library yesterday to pick up BETWEEN COURSES and KNOTTED PEARLS on hold. Thank you for giving me the desire to want to read. You are an awesome author! I am so excited to dive into your other books. Starting now! Oh--and thanks for signing my book! I am honored!" --Tanya Mills-Edmundson

"I just finished reading EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER and I absolutely loved it Karla! It made me laugh and cry. Thank you for writing such a wonderful, inspirational, and entertaining book. Danielle can't wait to read it now!"

--Nina Chiarelli Parlapiano

"Just finished reading EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. It's a wonderful novel--the ending is perfect! --Giacomina St. Angel Francik

"What a wonderful surprise! Cannot thank you enough for sending your book...I love reading...I am 75 pages into the book. Karla, you are so talented! Love you for thinking of me and sharing your work!" --Diane Manarchy

"Karla, thank you so much for giving me a copy of your book. I'm so enjoying reading it. You are a beautiful writer. Thank you again for your generosity!" --Myra Glover

"Dear Karla, I just finished your book EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. I found myself enjoying the Thanksgiving T-shirt moment. Somehow, I felt the way May must have experienced--the surprise and love that only a family can bring. Keep writing. Keep dreaming. Take care of your soul. You are very precious. Enjoyed the characters. You can see traits of them all in everyone's family members. I loved that you extended the family beyond blood--God puts people in our lives to be part of our stories. Our beautiful rich stories. You are such an important part of mine! {Things I hate: aching joints, people who hate, dripping ice cream, sticky kitchen floors, hot sauce, mushy apples, falling down, bug bites, missing my children. Things I love: sunrises, God's warm love, Elsa, Tim, Dave, Kelsey, Bella, Max, looking at art show booths, new beads, laughter, my bed, reading, our collection of art, earing out in Chicago, fireplaces, Christmas--this list goes on and on.} Thank you for making me think and be thankful. I see you in this book and it makes me smile. Love you! --Lana Ewing

"Karla, your book is marvelous! I started it on our Rhine River Cruise and couldn't put it down. I finished it with happy tears--and can't wait to hand it over to Mike. We're on our way to I'll start driving so Mike can read your book. Can't wait to share your book. Keep writing...I loved your story and learned so much!"  --Patti Werckle

"Treat yourself to this new novel by Karla J. Clark (then order your second copy to share with a friend.). You will love this book! LOVE this book!! Captures the humor, personality, innocence, and essence of a character with autism, as well as the concerns of a family dealing with their own issues--grief, adult siblings, responsibilities, assumption, etc. Thought-provoking topics and awareness presented in novel form that is a fund read for anyone (not just Autism parents). Full disclosure: I am a parent of a young man with autism. I have over 25 years of experience--reading fiction/nonfiction books, newsletters, articles, legislation and science reviews, movie and television episodes depicting characters on the autism spectrum, etc. This novel is, by far, my favorite depiction." --Renta Garza Irving

"Loved the new book, Karla. Loved each of your characters. I choked up at the end which I hardly EVER do reading a book anymore! I promise I will get on Amazon and give you the great review you deserve this weekend!"  --Annette McLean

"Everyone get out and read this book. It's awesome!" --Diane Null

"Dear Karla, I cannot remember the last time I went to bed early to read a great book! Thank you for your brilliant story. I really enjoyed getting to know the Dearborne family. In my mind I had a very clear picture of this loving family and their historic home, as well as the smell of Dilly's cupcakes. Kipp's tee shirts literally made me LOL! Karla, I hope your book shows up on the big screen someday--it would be such a darling movie! I simply cannot wait for your next masterpiece. Karla--you amaze me! Bravo." --Amanda Nelson

(To a reader) "You are the second person to recommend this book in the last two days. Might have to grab it.  -- Anna B. Nuns

"I just finished reading it! Loved everything about the book!" --Diane Fitzgerald

"I could read it a second time it was so GOOD!! and probably will!" --Jill Butitta Anderson

"Hi Karla--Just a quick note to let you know that you almost were responsible for my daughter's cats starving this morning! I got SO caught up in your wonderful book that I completely forgot I was supposed to go feed her kitties while she is out of town this weekend... OK, off to read more. I love this book! You are so talented!" --Lorna Collier

"Loved your book!" --Mary Solon-Goers

"I loved this book so much! My fave or yours so far! Great story and really lovable characters. I love your brain." --Nancy Woods Kaney

"It is awesome! I still haven't finished it yet but I love it. I'm a slow reader plus I want to make it last forever!"  --Kimberly Maples-Orvis

"Hi Karla! I am reading your new book on my Kindle. I read when I go to bed and the only reason I stop reading is that I fall asleep. It is an amazing book! You are beyond talented!!!" --Connie Root Hornbach

"Karla! I am so in love with EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER! I fell asleep with it on my lap tonight (couldn't keep my eyes open to read another beautiful sentence) and can't wait to start reading it again tomorrow. This books is a gem! Love the characters, love the dialogue, love the story! OMG...I hear Hollywood calling. And where is Oprah's book club? I am dead serious!" --Lori Aden Michalsen

"Karla, I bought your book and I am not a reader but I could not put it down. I wanted to read it because my grandson is on the spectrum but it had so many other messages also! Thanks, it was a great read!"  --Georgina Schweiger-Fagan

"It was a great book and it was so nice of you to come to our book club. I have been telling everyone what a good book it is. It has it all. --Candy Long

"Karla, I find myself laughing out loud so many times. I'm loving the Mr. Dudley Do Wright character! I had to force myself to put it down to fix dinner!!" AND LATER... "I finished it today. I didn't want it to end! I think you should start on a sequel. The hate and love lists were one of my favorite parts." --Nancie Brown

"...We had the best book club meeting last night as we discussed EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER and author Karla Clark was with us! It was so much fun to ask her about her inspiration and discuss her amazing characters: Kipp, May, Freddy, Sal and Vincent--the siblings this book is all about... As you can imagine, it was an amazing evening." AND LATER...Karla, I find myself telling everyone I am with about your book! I just have to share and get them to read it. I know everyone will love it as much as I do!"  --Denise Ethun

"I didn't know much about autism before reading EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER but now feel very informed. A touching, warm and insightful story. Thank you Karla Clark." --Kay Parlapiano

"Dear Karla, I just finished your book!!! I loved it! You tough my heart with your writing. I love the warmth and humor!!!!!" --Shelby Albano

"My grandson, a junior in Dadeville, Alabama High School. has an English teacher who posted various books for students to read since April was recognized as Autisim Awareness Month. Sam, my grandson, already has read your book!" --Nancy Stephenson

"Absolutely loved this book, Karla! I passed this book along to my Mom. She is sharing it with her friends. Life is good."   --Diane Kisting

"I finally finished your latest book. It was very enjoyable. You created a very interesting family and the world they lived in... I enjoyed it and will hand it over to my wife. I got a big kick out of the T-shirts!" --Mark Grochell

"Hi Karla. I just finished reading EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. Loved it so much and heard your voice on every page. Wonderful story!"  --Sally Wonder

"I loved your new book! I couldn't put it down. Keep on writing. You make me want to meet your characters and be friends...everyone knows a Dilly! I really enjoyed it. Thank you! I'm so glad Linda told me about it!" --Linda Rawson

"I picked up the book today and it is a fantastic, enjoyable, heart-warming read. Karla you are one fantastic author. The review to be continued as I progress through the book." AND LATER... "Just finished reading Karla J. Clark's book EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. If you have brothers or sisters do yourself a big favor and read it. I bet you dollars to donuts that you will love and appreciate them more after you have read the last word. Fantastic, Karla."        --Thomas Marinelli

"It's a great book. Loved it!" Val Steele-Curry

"Hi Karla! Just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED your new book! Just fantastic!" --Jeanne Hoppe

"I went on a reading binge and finished this great book last night. Truly wonderful. You are a gifted storyteller, Karla. A magnificent achievement. Congratulations!"  --John J. Morrissey

"I loooooooove your book. Such a great engaging read! You are talented, Ms. Karla." --Diane Molinari

"My dad loved it and said it was very good. Believe me when I say that is a huge compliment! He reads everything!"       --Mark Gugliuzza

"Finished your book! LOVED IT! I want mooooooooooooooore." --Susan Ciaccio

"Karla, I am halfway through your new book and loving it! I connected with and cared about the characters right from the start, and can't wait to continue reading. I will recommend to friends in my book club and beyond! Congratulations!" AND LATER... "I finished it yesterday, and am sad it's done! It was wonderful! Great work, Karla."    --Kathy Morgensen Lizer

"Brilliant and Beautiful author and friend! All of your books are amazing and I love the new one! Can't wait to get a signed copy." AND LATER... "My beautiful and talented friend and author just published her fourth book, I had the priviledge of being one of the first readers two summers ago when I tore my Achilles and was laid up! Trust me when I tell you , you will love it! It will make you laugh and cry!" --Wendy Schaefer McMahon

"Just finished! Karla, I fell in love with every character you created! Wonderfully heartwarming, funny, charming and witty" --Maureen Comerford Morrissey

"I sat with Bette on her boathouse in the North Woods...I would hear her chuckles coming from her as she was proofreading your book! She loved it...can't wait to read it!" --Barb Kohl

"My dear sweet Karla! I am so enjoying your book! Many times I am squeezing back tears as you so eloquently reference family moments! I am picturing in my mind true references! Halfway through and loving EVERY page!"    --Karen Fricke DeMarco

"We are immensely proud of our friend, a very talented writer and even more so, a wonderful human being, Karla J. Clark. Read her works and find out for yourself." -- Dan Zehr

"Please read...You will love these books by my dear friend and local author, Karla J. Clark!" AND LATER... "Kar, I just finished the book with tears rolling down my cheeks! What a wonderful journey the family Dearborne took me on...through your gifted storytelling. I'm so fluppin' mad it's over...get going on the sequel! Love and kisses my Renaissance girl." --Lisa Tennant Greco

"Karla J. Clark just released her new book, EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. She has three other great reads in her repertoire. You will love these!"  --Sally Mark

"I read your book yesterday, Karla! Best part of my spring break! I loved it! The only thing I didn't like was that it was over! Congratulations on another great book!" --Patti Ludwig

"Just got done reading Karla J. Clark's EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER that Karen Fricke DeMarco let me borrow. I'm crying tears of joy because of the beautiful story and that I am blessed and proud to know someone that can write this brilliantly. Go buy the book. Share it with your friends. Applauding Karla J. Clark. Things Cathie Everson loves: friend, family, and a great book!"  --Cathie Everson

"Karla J. Clark, local author and friend, your writing just gets better and better with every book. This story and the characters drew me in and made it hard to put the book down. Anyone ready for a new book to read? This is it! I promise you will enjoy Karla's humor and warmth!" AND LATER... "You'll be glad you did (read it! Perfect book for personal enjoyment or book club!"  --Laurie Pellant

"I just ordered two copies from Amazon. One for me and one for my friend who has a 33-year-old autistic son! I can hardly wait for them to arrive!"  --Mary Whitesel

"I purchased the Kindle version of your new book and took it with me on a business trip this week. Finished it by the time I headed home today (it was after midnight each night before I could put it down). You are truly a gifted storyteller! Will admit, with the Picasso subplot woven throughout, I was waiting for a Van Gogh reference, and smiled when I came across that subtle mention. Also, thanks for softly, with much love and humor, educating so many on the wide autism spectrum. My son Hunter has Asperger Syndrome which is but one point on the spectrum, but so much overlap with other points on the spectrum. In fact, in his 8th grade school "remembrance book" his classmates remembered him as "Hunter-I have a question." Please keep writing, I will keep reading. (I hate your writing!)" --Janet Cleary Salisbury

"Very nice interview. Love your books!" Carol Sahlstrom

"I finished your book at 4:00 this morning! I laughed, I cried! You are amazing! I don't know how you do it all!" --Suzie Gail

"Karla, I read the whole book today. Loved it! Thank you for sharing your gift. Truly." --Theresa Taphorn

"Just ordered! Love your books. You are so talented!"  --Carol Maasz

"We are excited to have Karla for a book signing! You are the second bookseller to mention the signing today. Clearly Karla has an amazing support network!" --Jodi Robeson, Manager, Barnes & Noble, Cherry Valley, Illinois

"I just got to page 159 of your new book and was so tickled when I saw St. Joe, Michigan as the family's vacation spot!!! It's the best vacation spot! I'm loving, LOVING this book--you are insanely talented!!!! Ok, back to page 160. --Sarah Broski Gendernalik

"Truly was a phenomenal book! Loved the relationships and the characters!"  --Michelle Gorham

"At first I was...pissed off a bit. Friday night I picked up my book at Karla J. Clark's Release Party. Saturday I cleaned house except for vacuuming and sweeping. Sat down for a fifteen minute break, when it was suddenly time for bed. I just didn't want to leave. I read about three hours today and I'm sad there is no more to share with me! Life as it is for so many living with "extraordinary needs." And their village. Can't wait to share this!" --Darla Rae Chemello

"I'm so excited to read your book. I loved your previous ones!!!" --Sharon Hood

"My friend Karla J. Clark has a new book out and it's wonderful! EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER is a heart-tugging family saga full of humor, warmth and pathos (you'll laugh and cry, and you'll be angry when it's over because you want to keep living with the family she creates). One of the main characters is an autistic man who is portrayed with great authenticity, since Karla draws on her own experiences with her autistic son. Karla is such a talented writer and amazing woman!" --Lorna Collier

"I could read it a second time it was so GOOD!! and probably will!" --Jill Butitta

"Great job Karla and Jonny Clark. If you have not read her latest book you should!! It will make you laugh and cry both. Also give you a better understanding of Autism!! She is my husband's cousin and I lover her to pieces!@! She is one of the sweetest and nicest persons you will ever meet!"  --Judy Parlapiano

"What a pleaure it was to meet Karla J. Clark and her son Jon! This story is just one example of the good and talented people that make up our community."  --Austin Love, TV Reporter

"Great interview! I really enjoyed it and loved the book!" --Jean Kagen

"For anyone interested, the book EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER is available on Amazon. I highly recommend it and everything else by my favorite author Karla J. Clark."  --Sean Cleary

"I've been waiting and waiting! I can't believe it's been nine years!" --Erin Drinkwine

"My dear friend Karla J. Clark wrote this book and it is simply wonderful. As many of you know, her son Jonny is Mom's "grandson." The book gives a delightful insight into the world of loving someone with autism. HIGHLY recommend taking the time to read it, you won't regret it--and when you do please smile when you read about one of the characters who is a neighbor and has a special place in the heart of another character." --Arles Hendershott Love

"Congrats to Karla J. Clark, who is as talented as she is just a wonderful person. I'm sure her new book will be very heartwarming, funny, and will resonate with anyone who is part of a family!"  AND LATER... "This book on my Nook has been my companion this weekend. Karla J. Clark, it's my turn to share how much I have enjoyed EVERYBODY AD THEIR BROTHER. Love your witty dialogue. Of course I am lucky to know you and Jonny because that is who I picture for Kipp and May. Kipp is sooooooo funny. What a wonderful thing you have share life with autism AND put it in a positive, funny, quirky, challenging but fun light. Your gift in all your books is writing about family. I loved it and didn't want it to end, like a lot of your readers, but I do have one question about the ending. Don't want to give anything away but how did you ever pick which guy???"  --Kelly Prindle

"I read your book in two days...I loved it. It was a beautiful LOVE story...congratulations! It needs a sequel!! And of course I cried!" --Annette Cacioppi LaRosa



































Wonderful book with rich and varied characters (5 stars, Verified Purchase) "This book will remind you of people you know: friends, neighbors, will want to keep reading about them even after you finish the book! The relationships will keep you interested and enthralled, and will move you as well. A great book!" --Gia 

Can't wait for the sequel! (5 stars) "I really loved this book! I had two small children at the time of reading it. I never missed a nap when they napped. Well, not when I was reading this book! I would forgo my nap just to keep reading! Sabina is amazing, and the story makes your heart skip a beat. I never saw the twist coming, and when it did, I cried! Karla Clark makes all the characters real and have so much meaning. You care for all of them! I think the book could hold it's own as a television show instead of a movie because you want to keep going on and one and on... Of course all the recipes are just another added bonus! How unique! I have read Clark's other books also. It says she is working on a sequel and I can NOT wait!" --Drinkwine28

Tuck in your napkin and enjoy (5 stars) "BETWEEN COURSES is a story that opens the door and welcomes you into a family with whom you feel completely at home. Eccentric characters with loving hearts, doing their best and often failing as we all do; and a love story that is not at all typical, which makes it all the more believable. I found I was rationing pages towards the end--I didn't want to put it down and walk out the door forever. Much more depth than "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and every bit as deserving of praise." --Madge Walls, Author

Momma Mia! (5 stars) "I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel. It portrays a loving Italian-American family through the eyes of an "old maid" who never married and still lives with Mom & Pop above their Mon & Pop store. If you are of Italian heritage (or wish you were) and love to cook or eat (and what Italian doesn't), you will appreciate the many lessons offered in the art of Italian cuisine and the language of romance. But between all the lessons, you will find a unique love story that you find you can't put down until the last page."

Enjoyed Every Course! (5 stars) "I loved this book. It reminded me of the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"...only it was an Italian family... It was funny, sad, happy, and exciting. Truly a great love story. Also, if you like to cook, there are great Italian recipes (family secrets) in this book. Several friends of mine have read the book and love it too." --Mindy N.



15 ratings/1 review...4 out of 5 stars

"Really liked this story and the author is local so we had a chance to meet her!" --Lynn Martin

Book Reviews/Comments: Between Courses

"Super book club choice! You write with humor and heart, Karla! Love the book!" -- Carol Cratty

"Thoroughly enjoyed EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER. Great job. Great insight to one with autism." --Gin Johansson

"I really enjoyed this story about family and o matter how long you've known your siblings there's always something to learn and appreciate about them. The author allowed you to love each character for who they are and their individual contributions to the family unit. It's a fast read but I purposely read it slowly in order to savor the story. I don't typically savor books since there's not enough time as it is to read all the books on my 'to read list' but I really loved the characters and wanted to be a part of their lives a little longer. --Mary

Hi Karla, I was so excited when I found out you that you are in Katie's book club. I loved EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER! I enjoyed and related to most all of the characters, but as a public school speech therapist with autistic children on my caseload, I was impressed and entertained by your depiction of Kipp. Can't wait to read your other books. I would love a personalized autograph. I also hope to meet you sometime in the future at a book event... --Your new friend, Polly

Dear Karla, I just finished reading the most charming, witty, endearing, insightful, surprising and romantic (yes, romantic) book. I was so hoping May would end up with ________! You rocked it, Karla. I have a question, Karla. Where did you come up with all those T-shirt logos? That and many other questions and comments will come up at the August neighborhood book club. I've heard you will be joining us. In the meantime, write on! Thank you for another fabulous book. I've enjoyed them all, but this one had special significance for me. --Sincerely, Jane Purin.

Social Media / Email / Snail Mail Comments

"I am writing to let you know what I thought of your book. I loved it! It put me in mind of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Adriana Trigiani book trilogy. Except for one thing--it was better than both of them. I usually find when I am reading a book--almost any book--that there are down spots. By this I mean that there are sections of the book that are just okay and I read them to get back to the good parts. I found with Between Courses there were no down spots. I really enjoyed the whole thing. I wanted to hurry and read it to find out what happens and at the same time I didn't want to read it too fast because then I would be done. That is my biggest indicator of a great book. So, thanks for a delicious read." --Cynthia

"It is our pleasure to provide viewers of our Website with a posting of Between Courses: A Culinary Love Story under the heading Fiction and Nonfiction by Italian American Authors (78 Titles) and Italian American Books on the index page of  The Italian American Press ( We believe BETWEEN COURSES: A CULINARY LOVE STORY is unique, funny, well-written, and entertaining, and would doubtless appeal to a large audience of readers. From our Website, we have provided a link to where viewers can purchase your book directly from your publisher. Best wishes and congratulations on a job well-done." --Ralph Ferraro, Director, The Italian American Press

"I just finished your book and I LOVED IT! You have got to be on CLOUD NINE!!! So much time and effort finally paid off. The book was amazing...and remember Nicholas Sparks started out as a pharma rep!!! Take care and Happy Writing!!!"--Jodie Heitmann

"I just have to tell you how much I enjoyed your first novel! I truly could not put it down (and consequently haven't studied anatomy in 3 days, but well worth it!) I was so impressed with your story lines and adored your characters. For me, a story really touches my soul when I can feel exactly what the characters are feeling and could see myself seeking out their friendship or advice in real life and I must say that I was so touched by the character of Sabina. I find that the best stories are the ones you don't want to end and I must admit I was sad when I finally got to the last page. I just didn't want to leave Mela's Market! So congratulations on such a wonderful piece of literature. I can't wait to read what's next! P.S. I was tickled when I saw the reference to Augustana. What a near author you are."--Sarah Broski (Gendernalik)

"It was so GREAT! of you to make the long trip from Rockford to spend the evening with us! We are all so grateful to you for sharing your time and talents with us! You are so sweet and the story of how your book came to fruition was nothing short of pure inspiration to me!!

     I enjoyed BETWEEN COURSES so very much and for so many reasons. I grew up in Melrose Park and Northlake and many of the characters reminded me of people in my life. The boys my friends and I hung around with in h.s. were Vito, Vinnie, Paulie, Aldo and Rocky. Most of my girlfriends had "Mary" as part of their name--Mary Jo, Rosemary, Mary Frances, etc. Their moms all had St. Joseph's tables and we'd travel from house to house following strict instructions to fill up our plates. We always went to "the Feast" and my parents took my brother, sister and I out to Slicker Sam's for baked clams whenever a celebration was in order! All the kids in my neighborhood were first or second generation Americans. It was a different atmosphere than I'm raising my children in! So, I loved the book for all of the sweet reminiscences it evoked so deeply in the well-developed characters. Sabina and her family seemed so real, I missed them after I completed the book. 

     I really enjoyed all the twists and turns in the plot and the serendipity of the character's lives! The coincidences are miracles really reflect the joys and challenges of life. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read your book, and I plan on sharing it with friends! Congratulations to you on your lovely tome! Good luck to you in your future endeavors! I look forward to reading your next publication." 

--Most Sincerely, Karen

"Bravissima! Take a bow. Congratulations! I loved every word of your book! It's fantastic!" --Jeanne Hoppe

"Just wanted to tell you I really loved your book. I think you should send it to Oprah Winfrey. She would love the book and really help you get off with a bang. The story was great. The family I fell in love with. I even fell in love with Mr. Man. I would like to meet everyone in the book. It was warm, funny, and of course a great cookbook besides. I want to thank you for a wonderful story. Hope you make it to the top. I can't wait to read your next one." --Linda R.

"I am a friend of Jeanne's and she thankfully sent me your book for Christmas and I finished it in 2 days. To appreciate this you must understand that I am a voracious magazine reader, but not a book reader. I was intrigued by the premise (Jeanne swears she bought it for me prior to reading it)--a 40 yr. old single woman that has not had her life turn out as she has planned it. 

     While I have a great life, I certainly miss some of the "perks" of having someone in my life. I am shocked at how much you were in my head. Some of the exact thoughts I have had, you put to paper. An example is when friends say, "Oh, be glad you're not married, my husband drives me crazy." Well that is easy to say from a married perspective. While they don't mean to be hurtful, it sometimes is.

     I am hoping this weekend to catch up on some of the sleep that I lost reading this week. I am an "in-bed by 10:00 pm person most days, so suffice it to say staying up until 1:00 am on a work (school) night is a very high compliment  to your writing. What I liked the most was the 1st person narrative, very easy reading and engaged me quickly.

     I hope you write another book as a sequel to this one, I will definitely buy it. If you know Ted Kallista you have my permission to give him my email address! Thanks again!" --Cindy W.

"I just wanted to write to let you know how much we have loved reading your book. It really brought out a lot of emotions from laughter to tears and so many wonderful family memories to life. It is so refreshing to find a book that young and old can enjoy! Our daughter Danielle could not stop laughing and it was so much fun asking her what part of the book she was on and talking about it together. The recipes are great and really made me hungry when I was reading them. We are telling all of our family and friends about the book. Thanks for writing such a winner!!"  --Nina, John, and Danielle P.

"Quite belatedly I want to thank you for speaking to our Congregators group. We all enjoyed hearing your stories about being a published author. Your recipes were fantastic and made a great meal! (I would like to say that the lunch was delicious except that my husband and I cooked it!!) A few weeks ago, we had two couples over for dinner using the recipes from Between Courses. We three girls taught together for years and now are retired so there is time to read and cook. One of the fellas made this menu for each of us. We all had fun coooking and more fun eating. We are so glad that we got to know you and your book KNOTTED PEARLS will be next on our agenda because we've had so uch fun. Thanks again." --Jean H.

"Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed BETWEEN COURSES. After meeting Sabina, Ted, Vito and the family, I feel I've met you! I received your book for Christmas and just couldn't put it down! Thank you so much for a wonderful read! Hope you have another book in the works! --Patsy G.

"Dear Karla, Thank you so much for sharing your journey as an author with the educators attending the Alpha Delta Kappa Northern District meeting on April 30th. I had a chance to "eavesdrop" on a conversation after the meeting -- it was about how much they enjoyed your presentation. Between our gift shop sales and your book sales it was a great day for all! I have sent a $50 check to Rockford Rescue Mission in your honor." Best regards, Valerie J. 

"Karla, First things first. Please write more. I just finished reading both of your books and more than enjoyed them both. I have been recommending them to everyone and plan on giving them as Christmas gifts."  --Sandy F. 

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your book--Between Courses. I come from a large Sicilian family, so I could relate to much of your story. The recipes are wonderful, I have many of them, but some I could remember my mother making, but did not have the recipes. Now I have them. I would like another copy of the soft cover edition. P.S.--It was a pleasure to read a book about a Sicilian family without the word mafia int he book." --Thomas S.

"I so enjoyed and appreciate all that you shared with my Woman's Club group last week...we loved having you!" --Jane P.

"It is exactly 1:00 a.m. and I just finished reading your book. I have rarely felt so compelled to write a letter like this, but my thoughts wouldn't allow me to sleep. Congratulations on the tremendous success of  BETWEEN COURSES. It was so well-written that I swear I smelled the bread baking at times. What a delicious and wonderful tribute to your family! ...Your portrayal of a large Italian-American family is astounding. You have captured the essence of what it means to belong to something so much larger than oneself...Again, congratulations on the book."  --Cindy D.

"Dear Karla, Looking forward to reading the new book. I loved BETWEEN COURSES. We really enjoyed having you at our meeting. Great to see you again."  --Bunny

"I received your postcard announcing your first book. Being a 'Foodie" myself, I ordered it and read it in my spare time over the holidays. I just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the story and your writing style. I'm looking forward to your second novel! I don't know how youh have the time to create--but, please keep it up. I'm looking forward to trying some of the recipes from the cookbook. I'll let you know how they turn out!" --Denise P.

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. I hope you're planning to write another one soon. Coming from an Italian family I could certainly identify with so many situations int he book. Best to you."  --Pat O.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your novel Between Courses. R. gave me a copy for Christmas and I started reading it right after the new year. R. took a picture of me reading it "between contractions" when I went into labor...and I enjoyed reading it for the next several days after the baby was born. Congratulations on a terrific story. I look forward to more!" --Terry L.

"Thanks for autographing your book D. gave me--it made me feel even more special! I loved it and found it hard to put down--so mnay chores were neglected. I truly didn't want it to end... Looking forward to your next book."  --Margaret R.

"Big congratulations on your new book! ...I began reading BETWEEN COURSES last night and absolutely love it--it's my kind of book to be sure."  --Joanne H.

"Dear Karla, Thank you for coming to our book club. I have had so much positive feedback on your delightful presentation. We all appreciated having you share stories of the rich tapestry of your life. We all look forward to the publication of your new book." --Eunice 

"Any reader with mother, father, sisters, aunts, cousins, honorary uncles--heck, family--will hear the voices Sabina hears ans she negotiates through her 40th year as a Giovanotti of Chicago's Mela's Market. BETWEEN COURSES is a warm and lively story of baking, cooking, eating, romancing, running a small business and above all, caring." --Carolyn Chin, Owner, Books on First, Dixon, Illinois

"Karla, thank you so much for meeting with our book club last night. I and a great time and hope you did too. You have written such a special book. As I said last night, it makes me want to be Italian! Your characters are so "rich" and so believable that it made me sad to end the book and not get to be with them anymore. I can't wait to share the book with friends and family because I know they are going to love it too."  --Connie

"Hey girls, not sure if you are still doing 'book club' or not....I have a GREAT book suggestion for you all to read: Between Courses: A Culinary Love Story by Karla Clark. It is a fabulous read about an Italian family running an Italian market/cafe in Little Italy in Chicago. You will love the characters, the story, and of course you'll recognize all the city references! Karla is a Rockford, IL native that my friend Jeannie met and invited to our club. She is so wonderful, we just loved her. Read email below for a recap of our night with her. You won't find the book on shelves just yet, but you can order it from Amazon or I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend it. So anyway, just thought I would pass along the selection. Happy Reading, Carolyn."


"Karla -- Thank you so much for coming out to our book club... My email has been buzzing with everyone talking about how wonderful it was to meet you and hear about your writing experience... You should be so proud of your writing. I can't wait to read the next novel and the short stories. Take care, Pat"

"Hi Karla ... Just wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying Between Courses. Haven't quite finished it yet and frankly, I hate to see it come to an end. I loved the romance, the Chicago setting, the food references, and the recipes. What a tribute to your Italian family and heritage--I surely agree that a family and food gatherings are the 'heart of the home.' My favorite line: 'a family in which the members actually like each other is a true gift.' I hope I am conveying that message and feeling to my 4 children as they get older. I even emailed OPRAH about your book--I think it would be a perfect one for her with her passion for food and reading!! Keep writing--I love your style of writing with humor and genuine caring. Is Knotted Pearls out yet? I will continue to recommend BETWEEN COURSES and just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!"  --Sherry

"Dear Karla, Thank you for your kindness in delivering the books. I'm thrilled to be able to share your charming story with my friends. I Hey are so endearing. Of course, a god recipe for Whiskey sauce for my bread pudding doesn't hurt. Best wishes for continued success. --Janet

"Hi Karla, we all so enjoyed your visit to our book club! Thank you so much. We enjoyed learning about you, your book, and the process of writing a book. The first visit of an author to our book club lived up to our great expectations! We look forward to your next next book and seeing you again." -- Ann

"Dear Karla, earlier in the month, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean, I finished your book--WOW! I loved it! I had to pace myself so I wouldn't finish it before we got on the long flight home so I deprived myself from reading it the last few days we were on vacation. That was perfect timing because I could devote my full attention to it on the long flight. But, Bill said he wished I'd finished it earlier since I ended up crying (happy tears) a bit at the end.

     Of course, I LOVE that the bread man is Mr. MAGGIO. We're Sicilian too, but not from Agrigento. And, since I was reading the book at the start of Lent, I was just wishing my Nana would still make Taano again--which I've rarely ever heard of anyone else making -- and there it was in your book!

     I REALLY want to talk to you about the book and how much of it really was part of your life--like the millions of wedding cookies. I guess because my Mom isn't Italian that we missed some of those traditions, but I could definitely identify with almost all of them.

     My Nana has started the book but I don't think she's gotten too far; she's really having trouble with her eyes lately. I know my friend Jodi has yet to pick hers up, but my friend Jane sent me the enclosed email after she finished her copy. ("I loved it. Tell her I am waiting for the sequel!") I FULLY agree with her, when will the sequel be out?

     If Maeve Binchy (one of my favorites) writes for the Irish, then you can surely be the one to write for the Italians! I'm so very proud of you! Congratulations once again." --Martha

"Dear Karla, Thank you so much for coming to our book club meeting. It was a delightful evening listening to your background for the book. We loved your book and especially enjoyed having you come to our meeting. Thanks for sharing your time with us." --Marilyn

"Dear Karla, It was so much fun to have you as our guest at the Emerson Department meeting at Rockford Woman's Club yesterday and hear you tell of your adventures and inspirations as an author. I think you rather dazzled us all, the old ladies, with your seemingly endless energy and organization. Determination is another appropriate word.

     I started reading BETWEEN COURSES last evening and was carried back to a time in my childhood in New York where I had a friend, Olga, whose parents were fairly recent immigrants. When we played, we played at her home in a two-flat around the corner from ours. This was usually after school. Her father was a barber. Her mother and her maiden aunt went to work everyday as seamstresses. Mother and aunt were ALWAYS dressed in black. I didn't speak with them very much, I remember, because when they came wearily home after work, it was time for me to go home. Olga's clothe's were beautiful because her mother and aunt made them. Olga said they didn't need dress patterns. Things we had to eat after school were delicious. The furniture in their living room was covered in plastic slipcovers; we didn't play in there. As I read on in your book I probably will encounter similar scenes. It's good you have used your Italian heritage because two or more generations later it tends to nearly disappear, unless preserved.

     Thank you so much for your program. I am looking forward to news of another book or poem." - Ann

"Thanks again, Karla, for coming to our investment club meeting/luncheon. They are still talking about it!" --Patti W.

"Dear Karla, Congratulations on the publication of BETWEEN COURSES. I can only imagine the time and effort...I know it has been a dream of yours for such a long time--to finally realize your dream must be a wonderful feeling. I'm proud of you! The book is wonderful!--Giacomina

"Dear Karla, Big congratulations on your book! I'm so proud to show my friends this beautiful book and say you're my cousin! I began reading Between Courses last night and absolutely love it--it's my kind of book to be sure!" --Joanne

"Dear Karla, the sisters of P.E.O. join me in thanking you for speaking to us today about your book. You have our deepest appreciation." --Jeannine

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak at our Rotary club. I hope you know how very proud we are of you!" --Richard & Diane

"Dear Karla, I got a copy of BETWEEN COURSES and I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it. So  many of the scenes and characters seem so familiar. It is a wonderful book. Thanks for sending the postcard to let me know about it." --Mark

"Dear Karla, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. And to tell you how much it means to me to see Bill's painting on your cover, too." --Pamela

"Dearest Karla, I'm sooo proud of you and all you've worked so hard to accomplish! Your family is beautiful, your book a work of art, and then your faith-filled walk with our Lord. Dearest friend, you so deserve all of this and much more! God bless you. My prayer for you to continue to bloom and grow under God's great plan for you. Kepp walking the walk. Thank you for my book and the book for the silent auction."  --Cathie

"Dear Karla, Thank you for sharing your talent and time with our book club. We loved your book and the way you made us all feel part of your family."  --Linda and the book club

Dear Karla, This note of thanks is way overdue. However, two moves after receiving your book BETWEEN COURSES caused the delay. The book was absolutely delightful and enjoyable bringing back many happy memories of growing up on the 'hill' in St. Louis. How refreshing and touching it was! Continue writing, keeping the 'traditions' in the forefront! God's blessings."  --Sister Josita

"Dear Karla, ... Sorry for the delay but I was putting off writing to you until I finished your book. I love it! It is proudly displayed on my coffee table. I can't tell you how proud I am to know you, and how happy I am that we found each other again. What a great accomplishment! Pat and I are planning on heading to Rockford for your new book release on the 22nd..." --Love Jody

Hi Karla, Congratulations on the publication of your second book! Our book club recently read BETWEEN COURSES and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very excited for you and wish you all the best. I'll keep looking for your name on the best-sellers list! --Rita A.

"Karla, I loved Between Courses! Keep writing!" --Annette M.

"Dear Karla, We do want you to know how very much we enjoyed and appreciated our time with you on Tuesday. It is refreshing to meet with someone who is contributing in so many ways for a better life for all of us. We look forward to having you at our program on November 16th..."  --Barbara H.

"Hi Karla! Thank you so much for joining our Investment Club for lunch and telling us a little about your very interesting professional life. I regret that I had to leave for another meeting, but was grateful to have met you and heard your 'story.' I think you are an inspiration  for all women who choose to follow their heart and dreams!" --Sincerely, Jean V.

Dear Karla, Thank you for coming to our book club. We all enjoyed it and are still buzzing about all you talked about! Your books are wonderfully written and relatable. We can't wait to read them all!" --Patty

"Karla, I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed you when you came to our book club last week. We were all impressed with all the things you do. Keep it up. It was a treat!"  --Sue B.

"Hi Cuz, Your book is great! The memories it brought back and some I never had but could have had if I grew up in Rockford. Every page was filled with the delights of growing up Italian in an Italian neighborhood. I could see Grandma cooking pasta and Grandpa out back in the garden picking tomatoes. And the family picnics with hundreds of relatives. You paint wonderful images with your words. I could see it all...You are good and definitely need to keep writing. I envy you the joy you must have gotten out of the process. The ability to bring life into the world through words.

     All my life my father was always 'Dad' but I know that to this family he was Sunny (the first born) and all the references to Sunny were special to me on a different level. Thank you for bringing that world back into my life. Thank you for the pleasure and company your book provided me. Thank you for the first time in my life letting me live in a world that was mine only for a very, very short time...Rockford will always be in my heart and a slight sadness that I only experienced for such a short time. And being Italian, family is everything and I miss my Rockford family..." --Love Ross M.

"I read a really good book a couple of weeks ago. I read a lot of books but this one was so good I invited the author Karla Clark to come to a book signing on February 10th. The book is called BETWEEN COURSES and it offers a touching and funny peek into the lives of an Italian-American family of 'foodies'! The main character Sabina Giovanotti lives with her parents above their cafe. She is a wonderfully warm woman but her life has turned upside-down. This insightful look into family life also has the most amazing recipes in it and doubles as a cookbook. Between Courses will be available for purchase on February 10th. Please come for the book signing and stay for dinner!" --Cyndi Fulco, RoSal's Italian Cucina, Chicago, IL

"It's a great book!" --Coleen O'Kane

"My dear Karla, I have a confession--when I came home with BETWEEN COURSES (in '03) I fully intended to read it immediately. It sat in the kitchen for a while...on the buffet...on the coffee table...on my bedside table, and finally it went into the bookcase. (Out of sight, out of mind.) My loss!! When I heard you talking about your third book at the picnic, I resolved to rectify that.

     Well, let me tell you, I was part of the Giovanotti family within three pages! I loved your analogies, and euphemisms and your colorful characters. And, wherever did you get those names? The sun and the moon? All of the sisters names ending in the same syllable? Margarita Panepinao?? (I know her)

     I must admit, I harbored a but of resentment for Vito leaving Bina hanging all those years -- but I guess it was necessary in order for Bin and Ted to be on the same page at the right time. And Aunt Lina -- every family has one. Good as gold, hard as nails. (Mine was Aunt Vicky.)

     When I read a book that's only 'mezzo'mezzo' it seems to never end. Between Courses was too short. Thank you for a wonderful read!"

                                         {My friend Karla writes-a good books-a

                                          On her first try, I'm-a on-a the hooks-a

                                          She shares recipes of what Mama Luna cooks-a

                                          Karla's got more upstairs than just-a good looks-a!}        --Jo Ginestra


"Karla, I have just started BETWEEN COURSES and cannot put it down. You have a wonderful sense of humor. And brought back so many memories. I am Italian on my mother's side. Sicilian... Summer afternoons in the back yard eating Italian bread, sliced lengthwise spread with olive oil and salt and pepper. I have not thought about these things for a long time. I thank you for bringing these things back to me." --Bettie 


"Karla, I loved your book! I read it in three nights! You are so talented!" -- Judy Graceffa                                         

"Dear Karla, I just finished BETWEEN COURSES and took the chance to see if yours or anyone in the dedication had an address listed in the phone book. I loved this writing of yours and had to tell you that! By chance I found it at DiTullio's on Tuesday while waiting for Anthony when returning a catering ice bucket. Being a 'foodaphile' as well as a voracious reader, I had to buy your book. Though our year's selections were chosen months ago, I am taking it with me to Literary Society in Pec on the 10th so that we may fir it in. I know the ladies will love it as I did.

     I love the city and found the way you tied the plot into the reality of Chicago was wonderful. I found myself reading for long into the night, or having to continue to warm up my bath water in order to see what would happen next! I seldom read fiction except for my book club, so it was a great surprise and treat to find your book. Thank you for a delightful read. I will keep my eyes open for future work by you.     --Stacey Rowland

"Karla, Thanks so much for attending St. Bridget's Book Club. It was great to meet a local author and to be introduced to your books. I am enjoying BETWEEN COURSES. Take care and good luck with your career. Hope to see you again." --Monica

"I am reading BETWEEN COURSES and really enjoying it! I love the Italian stories and been around just long enough to 'get' the cookie and pasta entries! I recognize some of the customers that used to frequent Frank's grandpa's store. Ooops. Nano...I am so looking forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for your great books! --Anita Ciaccio

"Dear Karla, Thank you so much for coming to our book club meeting in November. We enjoyed your book so much, and having you there made it even more exciting. Afterwards we all sent a flurry of emails back and forth about how awesome it was to hear you talk about your book. Now we are looking forward to your next one!" --Joanne Newton

"I had a great time with you at book club. Thanks for coming. The book was great for me!"  --Dawn Pflueger

"Hi Karla, Just wanted to say thank you for a great talk (seriously, I could have listened to you all day!) I can't wait to get started reading BETWEEN COURSES." --Dana B. 

"Karla, A very belated thank you for coming to speak to our group. I am just finishing Between Courses and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Best wishes for many future successes." --Kim S.

A Wonderful story about love (5 stars) "A wonderful story about love, food and family. A woman lives with her parents above their restaurant/bakery/shop. They work there together and the descriptions about the food are just wonderful. This woman has been waiting for her former fiance to come back to her for 18 years. She is the only one who is not married or has children. But then one day she meets someone...Both of them have a past with which they still have to cope, so there is the question: are they able to get past what happened to them (I don't want to give away too much) and become a couple?" -- Izabella on LibraryThing

Karla, Thank you for spending your evening with us. I loved your book. I could picture family member faces when I was reading it. You have such a gift for bringing your characters to life. I miss them when I'm finished reading. --Love you, Marcey










Knotted Pearls

"When you see your friend Karla Clark tell her how much I enjoyed her book. She is a very good writer. As I was reading some of the stories, I could stop and say I knew someone like that." --Dolores

"Hi Karla, I sent your 2nd book to a number of my friends. All comments that cam back were quite nice; everyone thinks you are a good author!!"  --Mary Jane

"Karla, I loved the article in the paper! I'm also loving Knotted Pearls! Continued success." Love Giacomina F. 

"Dear Karla, Thank you so much for sharing your talents {with Holy Family students}. The children told me your presentation was wonderful. Many said you are 'so sweet' and 'your book sounds great.' I am in a book club and I hope we will be able to read your book. " --Mary

"Dear Karla, Thanks so much for coming and sharing your books with our chapter. Many of the ladies are running out to get copies. Good luck in your continued efforts at publishing." --Sharon Mouri

"Great books. You are so very talented!" --Suellen Cerniglia

Annie's Heaven


A divine look at heaven (5 stars)  "What a great book! Karla Clark's second novel hits home just like the first. I couldn't put this book down. Clark's writing style comes to life in the pages of this book. Her characters and dialogue are so true-to-life. Tess, Danny and Luke cope with the loss of their mom as best they can. It seems like a roller coaster ride of raw emotion. Yes, at the end of following this grieving family's journey you are still left with a sense of hope and a mother's eternal love. The Langdon family has endured and they are stronger for it."       --Rockford born

A heaven-sent novel (5 stars) "Just when you need some inspiration, a book like this comes along. Karla does such a terrific job of melding the earthly and the heavenly worlds together for our enjoyment. The research and reading she did in preparing to write this book is truly amazing. "Luke's fascinating Brain Facts" make you curious and entertained. I have read her two other books and thought they were good, but this is beyond good! I lover her version of heaven. I don;t think it was a coincidence that I finished the book on Easter morning!"            

--J. Sanders

Annie's Heaven (5 stars) "A great story of a loved one that has passed watching over her family. Very well-written, enjoyed reading this book. A friend recommended I read it and I am glad I did..." --Kime

Social Media Comments

"Dear Karla, I love ANNIE'S HEAVEN and have passed it on for friends to read." --Maureen

"Karla, I just wanted to write you a little note letting you know how much I enjoyed your book. I was so impressed with your writing and the obvious amounts of research and time you must have put into it. I can't wait to read it again. Thanks for this gift." --Kimberly S.

"Karla, I am enjoying your book so much. It is beautifully written and I love the many references to Rockford sprinkled throughout. Thank you for the passage about my dad. We are honored that you chose to include his experience in your book." --Love Giacomina F.

"Dear Karla, I finished reading ANNIE'S HEAVEN and wanted you to know how much I liked it. Throughout the book, I could hear your voice telling the story. It was fun to read about familiar places in Rockford and how they fir into the characters' lives. I will recommend this book to my friends and family. You are a wonderful storyteller!" --Sally Wonder

"Dear Karla, Thank you for a most delightful program for our Chapter of PEO. Our PEO gives scholarships to high school, college, and graduate women as well as helping those who pursue educational goals after divorce, widowhood, or needing to attain further education. So your charity of Bernie's Book Bank fits in the early process of education. A check to Bernie's is being sent in your name. Your presentation has us eagerly waiting when your next book will be out. Again our thanks. It was such a pleasure to meet you." --Shirley L.

"Dear Karla, I enjoyed your third book very, very much. As a pharmaceutical rep you know a lot about medical stuff and doctors, but beside this you are very knowledgeable about so many other things; you are a good author. I have enjoyed all your books and have recommended them to my friends... All of us people from the northern Illinois town of Rockford especially enjoyed the familiar background where we grew up." --Mary Jane

"Dear Karla, I just finished the book. It was so good! I truly enjoyed it. You are very gifted. I already have a friend who wants to borrow it."          --Chris F.  

"Dear Karla, I wanted to write to you to let you know I have read your books. I enjoyed all three. What I particularly enjoyed was Between Courses--the input of Italian and the food, oh the food! I was hungry the whole time I read the book. I am looking forward to the sequel.

     ANNIE'S HEAVEN was a different story... I hesitated about reading it since Chuck and I have had our own dealing with grief...I don't exactly know what heaven is like but I do believe it is a place where there is no sin...I always believe a good book is one that teaches your heart. Thanks for touching my heart." --Carol G.

"Karla--Thanks so much for everything...especially for the lovely time spent reading ANNIE'S HEAVEN. I started it this weekend and am loving it! Such a great book...wonderful characters. Brilliant! Getting a kick out of the Rockford info. Going to send a copy to a frind in Norway who lived here through high school and hasn't been back in 35 years...and a pen pal in England who I know will enjoy it." --Lori Michalsen

"Karla...I started ANNIE'S HEAVEN this weekend. I read your other two books during my week off. They are all really well written and easy to read...and read...and keep reading! -- Cathi Blake

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